Thursday, Oct 23
Friday, Oct 24
Registration and coffee
Opening remarks
8:30 Coffee
9:00 Keynote I 9:00 Keynote II
9:30 (Brian Cooper, Google) 9:30 (Johannes Gehrke, Microsoft/Cornell)
10:30 Session I 10:30 Session 5
11:00 Revamping Replication 11:00 Directing Datacenters
11:30 Industry Talk I 11:30 Industry Talk IV
12:00   12:00
13:30 Session 2 13:30 Session 6
14:00 Networking Novelties 14:00 Scaling Security
14:30 Industry Talk II 14:30 Industry Talk V
15:30 Session 3    
16:00 Cracking Consistency    
16:30 Industry Talk III    
17:30 Session 4    
18:00 Strengthening Storage    

Keynote I
Spanner: Google's Globally-Distributed Database
Brian Cooper (Google)

Keynote II
Deferring the Effect of Transactions
Johannes Gehrke (Microsoft / Cornell University)

Invited Industry Talk I
Gearing for Exabyte Storage with Hadoop Distributed Filesystem
Edward Bortnikov (Yahoo! Research)

Invited Industry Talk II
Using Automated Load Testing to Diagnose Performance Bottlenecks at Scale
Dmitri Perelman (Facebook)

Invited Industry Talk III
From Paper to Product: Putting CRDTs into Riak 2.0
Russel Brown (Basho)

Invited Industry Talk IV
Supporting Large Scale Systems with the Multi Tenant Platform
Peter Chittum (

Invited Industry Talk V
Big Data, Big Mistakes, Big Learnings
Lars Albertsson (Spotify)

Session I: Revamping Replication (Chair: Ymir Vigfusson)
Scalable State-Machine Replication.
Eduardo Bezerra, Parisa Marandi and Fernando Pedone. (University of Lugano).
Dynamic Performance Profiling of Cloud Caches.
Trausti Saemundsson, Hjortur Bjornsson, Gregory Chockler, Ymir Vigfusson (Reykjavik Univ., Univ. of Iceland, Royal Holloway, and Emory Univ.).

Session II: Networking Novelties (Chair: Gregory Chockler)
Software Defined Networks and Gossip Protocols
Robert Soule (University of Lugano), Ken Birman and Nate Foster (Cornell University).
Taming uncertainty in distributed systems with help from the network.
Joshua Leners, Trinabh Gupta (UT Austin), Marcos Aguilera (Microsoft Research) and Michael Walfish (New York University).
Plug into the Supercloud.
Hakim Weatherspoon, Robbert van Renessse, Qin Jia, Zhiming Shen and Weijia Song (Cornell University).

Session III: Cracking Consistency (Chair: Flavio Junqueira)
Putting the Consistency Back Into Eventual Consistency.
Valter Balegas (NOVA Univ. Lisbon), Mahsa Najafzadeh (INRIA/LIP6), Sérgio Duarte, Carla Ferreira (NOVA Univ. Lisbon), Marc Shapiro (INRIA/LIP6), Rodrigo Rodrigues and Nuno Preguiça (NOVA Univ. Lisbon).
Eventual Consistency and Deterministic Dataflow Programming: A Case Study of Integrating Derflow with the Riak Data Store.
Christopher Meiklejohn (Basho).
Towards a Consistent Understanding of Consistency Levels.
Henrique Moniz, Ricardo Dias, João Leitão (NOVA Univ. Lisbon), Natacha Crooks, Lorenzo Alvizi (UT Austin), Allen Clement (Google) and Rodrigo Rodrigues (NOVA Univ. Lisbon).

Session IV: Strengthening Storage (Chair: Rodrigo Rodrigues)
Exploring the spectrum of strongly-consistent transactional protocols.
Marc Shapiro, Masoud Saeida Ardekani (INRIA/LIP6) and Pierre Sutra (Univ. Neuchâtel).
Energie-Efficient Storage and Processing in Edge Clouds.
Christof Fetzer, Frezewd Lemma and Thomas Knauth (TU Dresden).
On Data Placement in Distributed Systems.
Luis Rodrigues and João Paiva (INESC-ID/Técnico Lisboa).

Session V: Directing Datacenters (Chair: Ymir Vigfusson)
Fairness in Data Stream Processing under Overload.
Evangelia Kalyvianaki (City University of London), Marco Fiscato (Imperial College London), Theodoros Salodinis (IBM Research), Peter Pietzuch (Imperial College London).
Co-ordinated GC in rack-scale systems.
Daniel Goodman, Tim Harris, Martin Maas and Georgios Varisteas (Oracle Labs).
Towards Rack-scale Computing: Challenges and Opportunities.
Hitesh Ballani, Paolo Costa, Sergey Legtchenko, Dushyanth Narayanan, Ant Rowstron (Microsoft Research).

Session VI: Scaling Security (Chair: Gregory Chockler)
A Private Framework for Distributed Computation.
Edward Tremel, Ken Birman, Robert Kleinberg (Cornell University) and Mark Jelasity (University of Szeged).
Alysson Bessani, Ricardo Mendes, Tiago Oliveira and Vinicius Cogo (University of Lisbon).
A cloud-of-clouds infrastructure for Biobanks data storage and sharing.
Scalable and Secure Key-Management for Encryption in Cloud Storage.
Christian Cachin, Nikola Knežević and Alessandro Sorniotti (IBM Research, Zurich).

Important Dates

Submission of 1-page abstract
July 1 July 10, 2014
LADIS 2014
October 23-24, 2014